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Insight on Wondy Wednesday 4

Posted by HeartisttheArtist - 2 weeks ago


I purposefully didn't identify the four Wonder Women depicted in this piece, because I wanted to see if anyone would be able to identify any of them!

But you know me, I love oversharing and making insanely esoteric references. So here's who they are and some of my though process behind each one!



No words are needed. It's Diana, you've seen me draw her. She's the best of the best. OG, cannot be matched.

You can see she's been visibly slimmed down from the last time I drew her, which really just came down to personal preference and opinion. I thought I went overboard and so toned it down.



Nubia is a pretty interesting character, IMO. Debuting in January of 1973, she could arguably be called DC's first black woman superhero character, but the Teen Titan Bumblebee, who debuted three years later, has also been given that distinction(granted, Bumblebee is more of a traditional costumed crimefighter). Nubia(occasionally styled Nu'Bia) has had a wide variety of incarnations; from Diana's long-lost sister, an unrelated(hah) Amazon contemporary Wonder Woman, a parallel-universe Wonder Woman, or a future inheritor of the mantle.

I gave her an outfit with the idea that she is Wonder Woman, but isn't replacing Diana. Similar enough design cues that you can tell they're both Amazons, but different enough that they're clearly from different cultures. Nubia has the sort of "ribbed" top that most Wonder Woman designs have nowadays, as well as the hotpants of the New 52 Wonder Woman design. The dragon head in the middle of her top is an homage to her debut, which had a dragon crest on the breastplate!

In terms of build, Nubia is absolutely cut. She's fit like Diana, but doesn't have a bit of fat on her.



Artemis of Bana-Mighdall

The only other Wonder Woman that has arguably reached mainstream success. At least, she's more well-known than some of the others. She's teamed up with Red Hood, so it's not like she's completely obscure.

Unlike the other Wonder Women, the metallic parts of her suit aren't silver or gold. They're primarily red, with small accents of gold. Combined with a more outright aggressive and borderline hostile personality, she makes quite the distinction for herself.

In terms of build, the goal was "buff." The warm colors combined with that made me think of Jasper, from Steven Universe.



Bekka is the Wonder Woman from the animated film Justice League: Gods and Monsters, which is... criminally underrated. I cannot recommend it enough. If even one more person watches it, I'll be satisfied. The universe it shows is so distinct, so far removed from what we know, but still recognizable in some way. Everything in it feels intentionally placed and exhaustively thought-out, nothing feels like it was just thrown in because the creators behind it thought it would be cool. The dark tone never feels excessive or overpowering, it always feels intentional and fitting.

What was this about again?

Oh yeah, Wonder Woman.

Bekka, this universe's Wonder Woman, is a New God. That's right, instead of being from a magical island, she's from a different planet entirely! Design wise, she's pretty much perfect to me, and didn't need much modification on my end. White and gold is already one of my favorite colorschemes, combined with the shiny blue/black it's absolutely stunning. The outfit itself is a perfect love letter to the New God designs of Jack Kirby, the King himself. It took me insanely long to realize that Bekka's headpiece is a visual homage to Big Barda's. As for my depiction of the suit, I added some lining in order to keep the suit from looking bare, but for the most part I stayed as true to the design as possible. The only thing I outright changed was removing the chinstrap from her helmet, which in my opinion really strengthens the design. It's such a small thing, but it's something I've wanted to do since I first saw her design.

I also gave her massive tits.

No explanation needed, really.


I hope that you all liked the piece, and I hope you liked reading my ideas behind it! Feel free to ask more questions in the comments below, I always love hearing what you think!

Love always.



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Well you're killing it as usual. Thank you very much, always.

Thank *you*, my dude! Happy to provide.